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Living and radiological anatomy of the head and neck for dental students


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ISBN: 9781910451151 September 2017 • M&K Publishing • Illustrated • 64pp


eBook version also available - eISBN: 9781910451656



Professor P.F. Harris is Emeritus Professor of Anatomy at the University of Manchester Medical School (UK). He has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental students and is particularly interested in clinically applied anatomy. His expertise includes teaching how to examine accessible structures in the living body, particularly those of clinical significance, and the use of different forms of radiological imaging to correlate with living anatomy.  


Dr R. Arora is Dean of Oman Dental College. He has a particular interest in dental education and specialises in Endodontics.  


Dr M. Al-Ismaily is past Head of Dental Services and Oro-maxillary and Facial Surgery, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman


Product Details

A sound knowledge of head and neck anatomy is essential for the safe and effective practice of clinical dentistry, and much clinically relevant and important anatomy can be learned by examining the living subject in conjunction with radiological images, especially those using CT reconstruction. This book bridges the gap between ‘textbook’ topographical anatomy and the anatomy of the living subject, as experienced in clinical practice.


With detailed instructions on how to locate and examine anatomical structures, this practical guide encourages students to work together in small groups, examining each other and themselves as living models. As they progress through the book, students will become more confident about correlating living and radiological examination. The radiographic content utilises the latest forms of imaging and is intended to complement, where relevant, the topographical features in the living subject.


Contents include:


• Practical tips on head and neck examination

• Bony landmarks

• Testing the cranial nerves

• Examining the buccal cavity and oropharynx

• Examining the arterial pulses, salivary glands and lymph nodes

• The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the muscles of mastication

• Neck landmarks

• Joints and movements of the head and neck

• The scalp, ear and eye



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