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IRMER and Radiation Protection for Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons

Price: £99.00
(£82.50+VAT). The course is active for 28 days from the payment date.


This course is worth 8 CPD hours

M&K Update have provided a classroom based courses on Radiation Protection for the past 10 years. We have developed an eLearning resource specifically for Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons.

The course consists of three modules covering -

  • Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations IR(ME)R 2000
  • What is radiation
  • Biological effects of radiation, risks and benefits
  • Patient management, dose and its measurement
  • Responsibilities of key personnel in the context of the regulations
  • Duties and responsibilities of the employer, operator
  • Practitioner and medical physics expert in the context of the regulations
  • Justification, authorisation and optimisation of X-ray exposures
  • Requirements of quality assurance systems
  • Medico-legal considerations, accurate record keeping and clinical audit
  • The use of interventional fluoroscopy
  • Radiation exposure: Safety and precautions
  • Potential hazards of radiation exposure
  • Radiation protection philosophy - Principles
  • Justification of fluoroscopy
  • Dose reference levels (DRLs)
  • Optimisation of patient dose in fluoroscopy
  • Methods of reducing dose during fluoroscopy
  • Golden rules of fluoroscopy / factors that influence staff dose
  • Practical things you can do to reduce your dose
  • Collimation
  • Know your x-ray equipment
  • Radiation protection in fluoroscopy
  • Shielding
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Monitoring
  • Practical advice to minimise occupational radiation dose
  • Key points for safe practice

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