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Taking a Detailed Clinical History

Duration: 2 Days - Start Time: 09:15 End Time: 16:30 - Price: £0.00

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Course Overview

A good history is the most powerful investigative tool for getting to understand the patient's clinical problem. At the end of this process you should have a very good idea what the problem is and you should be able to hone your diagnostic thoughts in to an effective diagnostic summary before going on to the clinical examination of the patient.

A two-day programme aimed at health professionals working in a variety of clinical settings such as primary care, hospital admission and pre-operative assessment. The course will also appeal to occupational health professionals from health assessment to absence management.

Course Content

Interview and communication skills
Interview techniques and conversation management
Utilising communication and interview models
Questioning styles, open, closed, leading questions
Non-verbal communication
Assertiveness behaviour & encouraging open discussion
Difference between assertive and passive behaviour
Taking a history
Aggressive and potentially violent patients, maintaining your safety, conducting the interview
Past medical history
Previous treatments, operations, hospitalisation, investigations
Previous and ongoing medication, including self medication
Allergies or drug reactions
Family history †medical history of relatives, marital status, children
Social history, appearance, manner and content of general conversation - employment, housing, hobbies, recent travel abroad, stress, alcohol intake and assessing intake, drug abuse, sexual activity and history of sexual transmitted disease
Mental health history, mental state & appearance, behaviour, speech, mood, thought content, perceptions, intellect, insight
General examination and observation
Overview of: Hands inspection †clubbing, palmar rythema,
Dupuytren's contracture, nail abnormalities, cyanosis, pulse;
Neck & swellings, raised jugular venous pressure, auscultation & Bruitis; Head & mouth, throat, pallor, conjunctivae, jaundice
Overview of sequence of system examination
Ending the interview

Course Aims and Outcomes

  • Develop an advanced level of health and social history taking utilising effective interview and communication skills


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Course Venues and Prices

    This course is now only provided In-House for groups of people. Please contact us for a quote and further details on: or phone: 017687 73030.

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