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Understanding Mental Health in Primary Care

Duration: 2 Day(s)
CPD Hours: 16
Start Time: 09:15
End Time: 16:30



This 2-day course is intended to give practitioners and introductory overview of several mental health conditions.

It will also look at cultural aspects, history taking, and enabling people to gain a deeper understanding of a wide range of conditions.



Anxiety & Depression, signs symptoms, prevalence

Overview of eating disorders, statistics, signs and symptoms, management

Stress vulnerability and psychosis 

Schizophrenia, signs and symptoms, stigma and mental illness (public perceptions) 

History taking in mental health 

Risk assessment, rating scales

Communication skills

Pharmacology in mental health 

Historical perspectives in Mental health 

Culture race and ethnicity, sexuality in mental health 

Child and adolescent services in mental health an overview

Personality disorders, signs symptoms an overview 

Physical health and mental illness, complications life expectancy 

Health promotion and resilience in mental health 



  • To enhance knowledge of common mental health difficulties and their diagnosis and treatment
  • To enhance listening and communication skills
  • To introduce the concepts of positive mental health, resilience, and positive mental health promotion.


  • Nurses
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Allied Health Professionals

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