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Primary Angioplasty and Cardiac Emergencies

Duration: 1 Day(s)
CPD Hours: 8
Start Time: 09:15
End Time: 16:30



Prompt recognition and expedition of evidence- based treatment is extremely important in reducing mortality and morbidity. Awareness of what is happening during the rupture of a coronary plaque assists one in understanding why such a microscopic event can have such a catastrophic outcome.

The course will be attended by Nurses, Cardiac Physiologists, Junior Doctors and AHPs.



Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)

  • Definition
  • Predisposing factors
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Pathophysiology
  • Therapeutic implications
  • Management/treatment

 Chest pain assessment

  • Systematic approach to chest pain assessment
  • Recognize common features of ACS pain

 The role of cardiac markers in the diagnosis and management of ACS

24 hour Primary PCI Service

History of AMI treatment

24hr PPCI

Pre and post AMI care

Case studies

Complications post AMI

  • Life threatening dysrhythmias
  • Pulmonary oedema
  • Cardiogenic shock
  • Ventricular rupture/VSD



  • Understand the pathophysiology of AMI
  • To promote prompt diagnosis and effective treatment thereafter
  • To enhance understanding of life threatening complications
  • To reduce mortality and morbidity in the AMI patient


  • Nurses
  • Junior Doctors
  • Cardiac Physiologist and Technicians
  • Allied Health Professionals

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