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Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Duration: 1 Day(s)
CPD Hours: 8
Start Time: 09:15
End Time: 04:30


A one-day programme of study designed for Registered Nurses, Doctors, and Allied Health Professionals working in a variety of care settings, whose role may include supporting and advising patients who are end of life. This course provides the essential knowledge and information to prepare staff with confidence in how to manage loss and grief, for their patients and significant others. Bereavement and loss are frequently unaddressed topics within health care.


Common terminology what are we talking about bereavement, mourning, grief etc

What is Bereavement?

Society and bereavement/grief

What bereavement theories underpin what we know today? - Overview of theorists from Bowlby to Stroebe

How do we deal with bereavement?

Whose role is it to deal with bereavement?

How can we help as Health professionals?

What can aid us use of assessments (genograms etc) What is grief?

Normal grief/complicated grief patterns

What determines how we grieve?

What is loss?

What losses do we see?

How do we react?


Understand the importance and the challenges of bereavement care in modern healthcare

Describe the significance of bereavement theories when identifying the needs of the individual

Demonstrate techniques which will assist in the assessment of bereavement needs

Describe grief and its patterns, while demonstrating an understanding of how we grieve

List the losses that a patient/family/significant other may see

Understand the impact of loss onto a patient and or the family/those important to them when faced with the potential or actual losses associated with disease.

Acknowledge the need for support and self-care within the work environment

Reflect on your own practice and identify learning which will assist in implementing change within your own clinical setting


  • Nurses
  • Doctors


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