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Care of the Deteriorating and Critically Ill Patient for Ward Nurses and AHPs

Duration: 2 Day(s)
CPD Hours: 16
Start Time: 09:15
End Time: 16:30


Most unanticipated admissions to critical care present slow and progressive physiological deterioration that is unnoticed by staff or is recognised but not appropriately managed.

This course acknowledges the increasing complexity of patients’ conditions and interventions in general ward areas, and that critical care is a treatment rather than a place.

Ward Nurses and AHPs will be equiped with the knowledge and skills to early recognise and assess the critically ill patient and initiate safe and effective management, before and after the arrival of an emergency or outreach critical care team. 


Day 1:

Early Recognition and immediate assessment and management of the deteriorating patient:

Monitoring and Recognition of the deteriorating or critically ill patient

Emergency Assessment and Management

ABCDE approach

ABCDE problems – Causes, recognition, and treatment

Calling for help and communicating patient deterioration


Day 2:

Treating and stabilising the critically ill patient (cont.). Referral and safe transfer to a critical care unit and Further skills and attitudes.

Review of the 15 Minutes Multiple Choice Paper (Handed on day 1)

Treating the patient with Acute Respiratory Failure

Treating the Hypotensive Patient

Treating the patient with Decreased Conscience Level

Treating the Oliguric patient

Treating the Septic patient

Referral to a critical care team

Safe transfer of the critically ill patient

Non-technical and other Enhanced Skills and attitudes


At the end of this course, Ward Nurses and AHP’s will acquire the knowledge and skills that will make them capable to:

  • Understand the importance of early recognition of the deteriorating patient.
  • Use strategies such as NEWS2 to identify patients at risk of deterioration.
  • Observe patients and interpretate signs of clinical deterioration and physiological disorder.
  • Consider the relevant causes of physiological deterioration and critical illness in the adult patient.
  • Use the ABCDE approach to assess the deteriorating patient and identify physiological abnormalities.
  • Recognise when to call for help in an effective manner.
  • Ensure initiation of prompt simple preventative therapies necessary to make a critically ill patient safe.
  • Consider and facilitate early referral to a critical care unit, for those patients who do not make a prompt and sustained response to simple resuscitative measures.
  • Facilitate appropriate monitoring and safe transfer of the critically ill patient to a critical care environment.
  • Recognise and use non-technical skills when providing safe and patient-centred care to the critically ill patient.
  • Understand the need for all patient to have a clear management plan.
  • Communicate and provide emotional reassurance and support to the patient and relatives.
  • Be a supportive and effective team member.


  • Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals


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