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IRMER Radiation Protection Training

Duration: 0 Day(s)
CPD Hours: 6
Start Time: 12:30
End Time: 16:30


We also have 3 eLearning courses available at -

IRMER for Referrers - including Nurses, GP's and Allied Health Professionals

IRMER for Dental Practitioners

IRMER for Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons


This half-day theoretical course is for health care professionals requiring education and training on the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 (IRMER) for their practice and is suitable for those practitioners who are designated as 'referrer' by their employers.



IRMER regulations

Biological effects of radiation, risks and benefits

Patient management, dose and its' measurement

Responsibilities of key personnel in the context of the regulations

Duties and responsibilities of the employer, operator Practitioner and medical physics expert in the context of the regulations

Justification, authorisation and optimisation of X-ray exposures

Requirements of quality assurance systems

Medico-legal considerations, accurate record keeping and clinical audit


  • The IRMER regulations state no practitioner or operator shall carry out a medical exposure or any practical aspect without having been adequately trained.
  • The regulations define adequate training as that training which satisfies the syllabus set out in Schedule 2 of IRMER. A certificate of theoretical training is provided.

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