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Conference - Ophthalmic Nursing: Developing the future

Ophthalmic Nursing: Developing the future

Date: 06/10/2020

Duration: 1 Day
Start Time: 09:00 - End Time: 16:00
CPD Hours: 7

Conference Overview


Conference date now re-scheduled to: 6 October 2020


The primary annual national event for nurses and allied professionals working in Ophthalmology


The 9th annual national Ophthalmic Nursing conference explores service improvement, recruitment and retention, combined service approach along with safety and quality issues. These are complemented by a selection of clinical ophthalmic topics. This year attendees also have a choice of plenary sessions to tailor their day to the topics, which interest them specifically.


The national conference provides an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

Conference Content

CHAIR – Jayne Bradley, Business Manager for Eye Research & Specialist Nurse for Ophthalmology, Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital Trust


The UK Ophthalmology Alliance (UKAO) - helping to make the most of the multidisciplinary team at a national level

  • Background of the UKOA, its members and aims
  • Bringing together all disciplines and organisations to drive improvements in services, staffing, costs and quality
  • Ongoing national programmes for service transformation in ophthalmology and how the UKOA can get clinical staff involved
  • Advanced and extended role practice for non-medical health care professionals and related training in ophthalmology
  • National resources to support non-medical staff to expand the scope of their ophthalmic practice and how to get involved in developing these

Mrs Melanie Hingorani, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Chair, UK Ophthalmology Alliance


Improving quality and safety in Ophthalmology services

  • Learning from incidents and complaints
  • Sharing learning across a network
  • The patients voice - innovation in collecting patient stories
  • Maintaining quality

Regina Tavengwa, Matron and Marco Murru, Quality Partner, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London


Ophthalmic Nurse Education: Restoring our vision

  • Exploring the concept of nurse education and the history of ophthalmic nurse education
  • Why ophthalmic nurses benefit from ‘specialist‘ education
  • The current situation
  • The future of ophthalmic nurse education

Dr Penelope Stanford, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester and Chair RCN Ophthalmic Forum


Introducing Preceptorship: to improve recruitment and retention of ophthalmic nurses

  • Introduction to the statistics of nurse vacancy and retention rates Capital nurse preceptorship framework, why we need to adopt this framework
  • What was in place previously and what process we took to develop and enhance the preceptorship
  • The preceptorship programme, how we applied it to ophthalmology and the literature produced
  • What have been the challenges and opportunities
  • Results of the audit so far, retention and completion rates

Gillian Reed, Clinical Educator and Lissa Devasia, Clinical Educator, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, London


A Combined Approach in Medical Retina Service: Solution or headache

  • Expanding job roles within Intravitreal injection teams to meet activity and improve patient experience
  • Patient experiences of Allied Health Professional (AHP) injecting
  • Working differently in Medical Retina Services and looking at workforce and challenges
  • Importance of guidelines to develop service locally, nationally and internationally

Neil Redmond, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Clare Cooley, Specialist Orthoptist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust


Advanced Care Practitioner (ACP) Temporal Artery Biopsy (TAB) led service: Outcome of clinical audit

  • Description and management of Giant cell arteritis and the place for temporal artery biopsy in diagnosis
  • The temporal artery service at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and input of the ACP
  • Outline of clinical audit into the TAB service and the findings in relation to this

John Cooper, Advanced Care Practitioner, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Contemporary solutions in cataract and refractive surgery

  • The very latest innovations in cataract and refractive surgery
  • How advances in diagnostics, surgical techniques and post-operative care have improved outcomes for cataract and refractive patients
  • Suitability criteria for laser versus other forms of refractive surgery (including implantable contact lenses and refractive lensectomy)
  • Outcomes currently being achieved for patients and the exciting innovations coming down the line

Dr Clare O’Donnell, Head of Eye Sciences, Optegra Eye Health Care and Reader Aston University, Birmingham


The role of the paediatric nurse and service improvement for paediatric patients in the Eye Casualty

  • Service provision for paediatric patients from starting the role in January 2019
  • The understanding of colleagues as to the role of the paediatric nurse and their views as to the impact within the Eye Casualty

  • Empowerment of colleagues and the facilitation of change in paediatric practices such as Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS)
  • Implementing patient advice sheets and other paediatric related documentation
  • Future plans for the role of the paediatric nurse in ophthalmology services

Emma Cumberland, Sister, Eye Casualty, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust


PLENARY SESSIONS - each will run twice through the day

Plenary A:

Special Needs Ophthalmology : Hints and Tips and a model for comprehensive eye care for special school students

  • Clinical findings from our service assessing nearly 1500 children in their special schools over the past 6 years
  • Framework model for routine eye care and glasses provision and support for students of special schools
  • Cross sector working group hosted by NHS England and delivering the same service model in all English special schools
  • Experience and learning from clinical encounters with children and adults with learning disability to help offer advice and tips for success when meeting this group of patients in the clinic

Rachel Pilling, Consultant Ophthalmologist Bradford NHS Trust, SeeAbility Trustee, and Rebecca Lunness, Eye Care Champion SeeAbility


Plenary B:

Dropping ECLOs in it: how Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLO) can help with glaucoma eye drops

  • Eye drops adherence and its challenges
  • Engaging ECLOs in glaucoma care
  • Our training programme and its impact
  • Next steps

Joanna Bradley, Head of Patient Support Services and Helen Doe, Sightline Manager, International Glaucoma Association, UK


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