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How to be a Great Nurse - The Heart of Nursing

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How to be a great nurse focuses on fundamental issues that are relevant to all nurses, across all countries, fields and areas of practice.

It is essential reading for student nurses, qualified nurses, supervisors, assessors, managers and nurse academics, who all want the nursing profession to invest in the highest-quality care, firmly rooted in the real heart of nursing practice.

Each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of great nursing, illustrated by case studies, self-assessment tools and exercises, and supported by suggestions for further reading and self-development.

Chapter 1 explores the head, heart and hands principles of nursing care.

Chapter 2 focuses on the core values of nursing practice from a professional perspective, with an emphasis on personal integrity.

Chapters 3 and 4 enable readers to reflect on the skills and emotional intelligence needed to be an effective nurse, highlighting the importance of communication and individual learning needs. Career progression, resilience and the support of other nurses are discussed in Chapters 5 and 6.

Chapter 7 then draws many of these ideas together by looking at nursing practice from the perspective of those receiving care. This enables readers to deepen their learning and reflect on their own practice.

The final chapter considers the future of nursing, and the new nursing roles that may be needed, to ensure that great nurses meet the varied demands of future practice scenarios.

Contents include:

The meaning of great nursing

Core values for nursing

Learning to be a great nurse

Effective nursing

Making a successful career of nursing

Supporting and influencing others to be great nurses

Patient perceptions of great nursing care

Embracing the future of nursing

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