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Self-assessment in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Trauma X-rays

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ISBN: 9781910451076

2nd edition 

February 2016 • M&K Publishing • 368pp


Karen Sakthivel-Wainford, H.D.C.R (R), PGCert, MSc

Advanced Radiographer Practitioner, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds General Infirmary, UK



2nd edition


This helpful book, written specifically for radiographers, nurse practitioners and radiographer practitioners, can be used as a revision aid or study guide or to help prepare for an assessment.


The first chapter, on non-accidental injury (NAI), is written from three different perspectives: that of a nurse practitioner with an interest in paediatrics; a social worker specialising in children; and a paediatric team leader radiographer, who discusses the skeletal survey. This is followed by a brief description of different types of paediatric fractures, with examples. The next chapter looks at the pathway for the limping child, followed by a series of paediatric trauma cases, on which the reader is asked to write reports.


Karen Sakthivel-Wainford has concentrated on the areas of paediatric trauma that are most commonly presented to an emergency department or minor injuries unit. This edition includes 125 cases in total, with 25 new cases focusing on areas (such as the elbow) that practitioners find difficult to interpret.


Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Non-accidental injury
  • Introduction to paediatric fractures
  • Overview of the limping child
  • Wrist and hand trauma
  • Elbow and forearm trauma
  • Shoulder trauma
  • Ankle and foot trauma
  • Knee and tibia/fibula trauma
  • Pelvis and hip trauma
  • Spine, skull and facial trauma
  • A selection of cases

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