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Venepuncture & Cannulation: A practical guide

ISBN: 9781905539505 - RRP £23.00

This book is intended as a supplementary resource for those involved in practising or teaching these procedures, for healthcare practitioners wishing to update their knowledge, and for novice practitioners learning these skills for the first time. Each chapter contains intended learning outcomes and points for practice. Some chapters also include helpful illustrations and practical activities, and the book ends with two self-assessment checklists.




Intravenous Therapy Administration: a practical guide

ISBN: 9781905539901 - RRP £23.00


The book opens with a general discussion of intravenous therapy, followed by an overview of the circulatory system and different types of intravenous access. The author explains how to calculate medication doses, and describes relevant aspects of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. She looks at safe techniques used in the administration of intravenous fluids and medications, and how to use different types of infusion devices, as well as the potential risks, complications and adverse reactions associated with intravenous therapy. The final chapter explores the professional responsibilities of the healthcare practitioner.

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