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The Prescribing Pharmacist

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Edited by:


Barry Strickland-Hodge BSc (Pharm) MSc PhD FRPharmS FHEA Visiting

Professor of Prescribing Practice School of Healthcare University of Leeds


Mary-Claire Kennedy PhD MRPharmS FHEA

Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice School of Healthcare University of Leeds


ISBN: 9781910451038


August 2019 • M&K Publishing • 120pp


eBook version: 9781910451533

Prescribing has traditionally been the responsibility of medical doctors but independent prescribing courses are now firmly established in the UK and increasing numbers of healthcare professionals have taken on prescribing responsibilities.


The Prescribing Pharmacist reflects these changes, beginning with an overview of pharmacist prescribing and continuing with an exploration of consultation, patient clinical assessment, team working, and understanding cultural and religious issues and ethics. Internal and external influences on the new prescriber are considered, as well as medicines optimisation. The authors also look at prescribing for specific patient groups, such as the elderly, the very young, pregnant women and breast-feeding women, and finally move on to specific medicines that require special care when prescribing. Each chapter of the book refers and links to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society framework written in 2016, A Competency Framework for All Prescribers, which is reproduced, with permission.


Written by a team of pharmacy experts, this book is intended for any pharmacist who is thinking of becoming an independent prescriber, those on pharmacy courses and those who are already qualified as independent or supplementary pharmacist prescribers, who may use it as a reminder of important points covered on their course.


Contents include:

  • List of abbreviations
  • An introduction to pharmacist prescribing
  • The consultation, diagnostic process, diagnosis and influences on prescribing
  • Patient clinical assessment
  • Patient partnership and prescribing
  • Prescribing for specific groups of patients
  • Medicines requiring particular care when prescribing
  • Appendix : A Competency Framework for All Prescribers


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