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The Health Improvement Profile: A manual to promote physical wellbeing in people with severe mental illness


Product Overview

Edited by:

Dr Sheila Hardy, Senior Research Fellow, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust;

Jacquie White, Deputy Head, Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing, University of Hull;

Professor Richard J Gray, Leads a multidisciplinary Health Services Research group in Doha, Qatar


ISBN: 9781905539918

April 2015 • M&K Publishing • 104pp

eBook version also available: eISBN: 9781907830914

Product Details

This practical guide, written by experts in mental health nursing, is designed to support healthcare practitioners in checking the physical health of people with severe mental illness (SMI).


As life expectancy is reduced by 12 to 19 years in people with SMI, this patient group should receive a physical health check at least once a year. Yet many mental health practitioners have not been trained to assess their physical health needs, and even when such training is offered it may be difficult to access it because of clinical workloads.


The Health Improvement Profile (HIP) provides an efficient, effective, evidence- based physical health check tool specifically designed to be used when assessing people with SMI. It supports practitioners in identifying physical health problems and guides them towards evidence-based interventions to address common health issues affecting people with SMI, ranging from cardiovascular disease to lifestyle factors such as diet, alcohol and smoking.


Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • What is severe mental illness?
  • What treatments are used in severe mental illness?
  • Systems of the body that are commonly affected in people with severe mental illness
  • Common physical comorbidities in people with severe mental illness
  • Cardiovascular disease in people with severe mental illness
  • Problematic behaviours affecting health in people with severe mental illness
  • How to use the Health Improvement Profile (physical health check tool)
  • Changing behaviour to improve health
  • Appendix 1: Health Improvement Profile (HIP) – Female
  • Appendix 2: Health Improvement Profile (HIP) – Male
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